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Appointment Making

Appointment making with key decision makers is time-consuming, but none the less an essential activity for every organisation wanting to expand their client base. Whatever the target market, The Organisers have vast experience when it comes to appointment making and can arrange quality meetings with the people who count. The Organisers have been making great appointments for all sizes of businesses, professional firms and charitable organisations since 1990.

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Target Marketing

Personalised target marketing will help you reach your target audience - before your competitors do! Just give The Organisers the broad criteria of the people you want to meet so our carefully crafted target marketing can bring the best results.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of new business and building relationships with relevant decision makers the way to achieve it. The Organisers can help your lead generation campaign with personalised mailings and follow up by telephone at the right time. Opportunities to meet are never lost to wrong timing with The Organisers.

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Telemarketing Organisers-style is a far cry from random phone canvassing. The Organisers will identify and set up appointments with the decision makers you want to meet.

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